Burgundy Leather Scooter Roll Bag Vespa Genuine Kymco, Scooter Gifts

  • Full Grain Leather Burgundy Mini Roll Bag for all Scooters

    Fits ALL scooters - Vespa Honda Genuine Yamaha Kymco Lance Sym and others via adjustable leather straps - also available in Black, chestnut, and brown.

    Our luxurious full grain, vegetable tanned leather roll bag would make a stunning addition to your scooter, and is the ultimate gift for yourself or your favorite scooterist!

    Perfect for items you need quick access to, such as your phone, glasses, money, tools etc. Equipped with 2 separate and loose 22 inch leather straps, these can be adjusted to fit any scooter, and once fitted, the brass buckles can be positioned in such a way to be far away from touching the body of the scooter.

    We source our leather from a 150 year old tannery in Pennsylvania, and hand sew our products to last a lifetime. This is one bag that will improve with age, develop an even richer patina, and become a trusty companion on your scooter travels.

    *We also make a Vegan roll bag.

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