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Weekender Waxed Canvas Scooter Rally Travel Bag Lambretta Vespa - Scooter Gifts

  • Waxed Canvas Weekender Ditty Bag with Whiskey Faux Leather Travel Rally Bag

    Our Weekender Scooter Rally Bag is a larger version of our waxed canvas and whiskey travel / toiletry bag, and is a perfect size for bringing a change of clothes while traveling on your scooter!

    Easily fit a t shirt or two, socks, personal items, and still have room left over for your rally bag goodies! This bag fits nicely in a scooter trunk, glovebox, topcase or lashed to a rack or backrest! Suitable for outdoor exposure, this bag is the perfect gift for the seasoned scooterist.

    Our waxed canvas is locally sourced from a 180 year old, 6th generation family business, who have been making this material in and around Pennsylvania since the early 1800's.

    We decorated this piece with a Lambretta GP200 scooter, and do all of our own sewing and embroidery right in our cottage studio.

    Lined with nylon, a zippered closure and a sturdy handle, this bag can compress and fit into a small space, like your scooter glove box, or other stuff spot.

    If you would like to personalize this item, or have something other than a scooter (say it ain't so) embroidered, just let us know!

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